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Q: What is the development timeline? Is there a phasing plan for construction?
A: We anticipate the land to be fully entitled Summer of 2021 and plan to begin utility and site work in the late fall. The multifamily building and the medical office building are slated to be constructed simultaneously, with completion projected to be Fall of 2023.

Q: How will traffic be impacted?
A: The City of Plymouth contracted SRF Consulting to complete a traffic study for the proposed uses within the Planned Use Development. The existing traffic counts shown in Figure 2 are modeled to increase by 15.8% along Dunkirk Lane and 23.0% along Rockford Road, as depicted in Figure 7, which is reflective of the multifamily and medical office building being completed in 2023.

Q: What will be the average rental rate for an apartment unit? Will any units be available for purchase to own?
A: The average monthly rental rate is projected to be $2,209 per unit. We do not have plans to sell any of the apartment units to individual owners.

Q: Has there been any consideration to create the development to include elements of sustainability and minimize any impact on the environment?
A: Yes! We have sustainability goals centered around carbon reduction, sound reduction, clear air flow, energy saving and stormwater reuse. We are working with consultants that specialize in green architecture, sustainability and building performance to ensure that we deliver a legacy product that will add value to the community.

Q: Will any major tree be removed through the construction and development process?
A: No, the Parkera concept is to maintain a connection to nature and preserve native flora and fauna. All aspects of our design process take into consideration park features and concepts to create an environment that will encourage well-being of the community and city. To demonstrate the importance of the green space within the overall development, the before- and after- land use of the project are detailed in the table below:

Q: Will the multifamily project include any affordable units?
A: No, the project will not include an affordable housing component; our strategy is to focus on sustainable development.

Q: How many stories will the buildings be and what will be the height of the structures?
A: The multifamily building will be comprised of four levels above grade and the maximum height will be 47’-8” to the top of parapet. The medical office building will be three-stories and have a maximum height of 52’, with some accent parapet heights up to 56’.

Q: Will there be any retail space?
A: No, there is no planned retail space on-site. The Parkera Plymouth development is within walking distance to several area retailers and there will be pedestrian sidewalks and trails constructed as part of the Planned Unit Development that will connect residents, employees and property guests to the neighborhood retail.