The Nature of Community

Parkera communities connect our residents more closely to nature through sustainable and biophilic design. Our developed, owned, and operated resident communities contribute positively to our local neighborhoods and their environments. We build smarter and better to minimize resource consumption, restore ecologies, and create thriving communities.

Parkera Plymouth - coming 2025

Parkera Plymouth is located in the northwest quadrant of State Highway 55 and Rockford Road. The area has an emphasis on natural elements highlighted in the landscaping and site improvements. There will be an abundant greenspace that will include a park with trails and linkages to the neighborhoods to the north and east. Parkera Plymouth constitutes a mixed-use development that will be comprised of the following:

Design Inspired By Nature

Parkera’s design process is anchored in nature and reflects a steadfast goal to positively impact communities and surrounding neighborhoods – to make both stronger. We know the beneficial effects of biophilic design contribute to physical and mental wellness; people thrive best as a part of nature, not apart from nature.

Parkera Plymouth

The Community is based in a market-rate multifamily building that supports environmental stewardship and healthy living. The design of the building provides an intersection of natural elements and familiar residential features.

Key components include park spaces, balconies, and walk-up patios that extend living spaces to the outdoors. A system of trails and additional outdoor spaces further encourage active lifestyles for residents, as well as connections to greater Plymouth.

Community Park

A two-acre park will create a forested focal point for the community.

The long-term legacy of the landscape will be to enhance local ecology, balance development with nature, and provide connected spaces for people, small animals, and songbirds.